Celica Os Sang អស់សាំង


English Subtitles

1st Verse:
Hey there beautiful girl in the Toyota Celica with your big sunglasses.
Driving with one hand smiling at me with your beautiful face.
The other hand running through your hair and glaring at me asking
Hey there Mister, are you going somewhere or just roaming the streets?

2nd Verse:
Oh! Your car is out of gas and completely stalled in the middle of the road
Your car won’t go now and it’s creating a traffic jam so the police is here
You step out of the car with despair on your face but you’re still a beauty It’s too bad you have to deal with this shame on the road

3rd Verse:
I’m checking out this cute woman turning my way and standing with a look of disappointment while feeling despair and embarrassed in front of everyone
So I walked next to her, smiled at her and said “Hey beautiful, driving your Celica without gas.”

Music Produced by: Boty Phen Video Director and Editor: TC Films Co – Star: Thirannie Yin Actors: Kongkaeb Bouk & Neay Shaolin
Sponsors: Rep Cambodia @ www.repcambodia.com Cambodian Cuisine S.E.A Hut
Special thanks to Chhouy Sopheap – C.S Studio

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