Katun Chuob Snai Nov Wat Stockton កឋិន​ជួបស្នេហ៍​នៅវត្ត​


Here’s a classic remake cover of lok tha Sin Sisamouth old song “Bong Nom Kmao Rot” we had change the lyrics but kept the same original melody to កឋិន​ជួបស្នេហ៍​នៅវត្ត​ Stockton (Katun Chuob Snai Nov Wat Stockton).

Hope you guys will enjoy this updated cover version.

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Directed by – Willy Pee
Shot and Edited by – Willy Pee
Music Produced by – Boty Phen
Music Mastered by – JCM Entertainment
Songwriter – Sopheareach
Songwriter Editor – Eric Heng
Actor- Jonah Seinafo Peko
Actress – Synsanni Phiang

KYOM – Khmer Youth of Modesto
Rep Cambodia
CrownBits Media
Hanuman Jerky Co.

Location of shoot:
Wat Dhammararam Buddhist Temple
3732 Carpenter Rd,
Stockton, CA 95215

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