Kun Madai គុណ ម្តាយ


Here is an old school melody that is re-written for Mother’s Day. This song is dedicated to my mom and all the moms around the world. Thank you mom for raising me to become the man I am today. I know the value in life because of you. You taught me to be a good person to live each day with love in my heart. I love you mom. I hope you guys enjoyed this Mother’s Day song and please share to all the moms around the world. Much love

Directed and shot by – Sovutha Por (Dream Picture Media)
Assistant Camera man – Willy Pee
Music Producer – Sothearath Sok
Mix and Mastered – JCM Entertainment
Songwriter – Sopheareach
Songwriter Editor – Eric Heng

Cast: Mario, Touch Dara, Tola

Sponsors: Rep Cambodia www.repcambodia.com
Khmer TV
Crownbits Media www.crownbitsmedia.com

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