Mo-Town Madizone ល្អរអើយសែនល្អរ


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Please take a minute to listen to this cover version of La Or Euy Saen La Or ល្អរអើយសែនល្អរ original by Sin Sisamouth we called it the Mo-Town Madizone because when I was growing up in Modesto every time a Madizone song comes on we run up to the dance floor and do the Mo-Town Madizone.

I hope you all enjoyed this video.

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Produced by – JCM Entertainment
Directed by – Syzmik Filmz
Shot and Edited by – Syzmik Filmz

Music Produced by- Sothearath Sok
Mix and Mastered by – JCM Entertainment

Co Star -Thirannie Yin

Cast: Mitch Thompson, Danny Boon, Edgar Martinez, Seynoun Martinez, Timothy Matyas, Pao Ouch, Da Ouch, 2 other female cast (TBD)

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