Peak Ow Men Del Kern Dos ពាក់អាវមិនដែលឃើញដោះ


Press play……Here’s that Cambodian New Year anthem! “Peak Ow Men Del Kern Dos Cover”. Shout out to all the fans that had requested for this song. Cheers and Happy Cambodian New Year everyone! 🇰🇭❤️🙏🏽

Directed by – Willy Pee Shot and edited by – Willy Pee Music
Produced by – Boty Phen Mix and Mastered by – JCM Production
Lyrics Revised by – ឈ្មោះ សុភារាជ Sopheareach
Cast: Lily LaLa Kan Jenny Rivas Jay Dee Aun Bunna Keo
Sponsors: Rep Cambodia SeaHut Crazy Creole

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