Pov Gnor Roeung Avey ពៅងររឿងអ្


Hello, everyone thank you for watching. Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you enjoyed this cover of “Pov Gnor Roeung Avey” originally sung by Sinn Sisamouth. Special dedication to him and his family. Who’s ready to do the Saravann dance challenge?

Directed by- Willy Pee Video Edited by – Willy Pee Music Producer – Boty Phen Production Team: Syzmik Films Tommy Tran
Sponsors: Rep Cambodia Sea Hut Sou Family Recipes Rhino Collection Saloeut Topsy
Co-Starring: Eli Kem La La Kan
Dancers: O-Dubb Jaya DJ Rhino Saloeut
Models: Viktoriya Katie Belle
Extras: DJ Topsy Chunburi Saveang Koleyan

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