In Inspiration of Love and Unity


Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to perform in Long Beach, California for Rep Cambodia’s Valentines Love and Unity Party featuring performances from Cambodian-American Singer and Songwriter, Soup Pha and special guest appearance from Cambodian Community Entertainer, C Crave.

I was ecstatic to see so many fans that night and heard so many great things about the Cambodian community in Long Beach since my last performance for Rep Cambodia’s Sin Sisamouth Night 2 at a nearby venue within the city last year.

This time, however, felt so much more empowering.

It was a strong emotion. A tense one.

A feeling that was intertwined with so many emotions where music was the most effective way of communicating it.

It was all that I can ask for that night – Love and Unity.

Love for the Cambodian culture and Unity for the Cambodian community.

Love for the Cambodian music and Unity for the Cambodian dances.

Love for the Cambodian cuisine and Unity for the Cambodian family gatherings.

Love and Unity has no barrier or boundaries.

That night, it was an empowerment of culture for the culture.

A culture that I love and identified with since birth and still to this very day.

I remember the passion so vivid that night, I sang my heart-out.

I wanted to portray this feeling in a medium that communicates the spirit of how music can empower Love and Unity above and beyond our five senses.

Thus, I have created 3 designs in inspiration of my Love and Unity clothing line:


One of my designs features a Electrocardiogram (ECG) wave etched with ‘LOVE’ on the front left and ‘UNITY’ on the back. The ECG wave is symbolic for the passion that electrifies us to do many great things when we act in the spirit of love.

Another design features Love and Unity in the center with the Ampersand transcribed as a Treble Sign and the Jay Chan Anchor logo on the back. The Treble Sign is symbolic for the harmony between Love and Unity through the expression of music.

Lastly, I have a design of a Microphone wrapped around a pair of Headphones with the words Turn Up the Music, Turn Down the Drama arched in the shape of a globe. The Microphone is symbolic for the power of the voice in communication and self-expression. The pair of Headphones is symbolic for the wisdom in hearing past the noise in a world so loud. Once one understands the art of speaking and listening, the world will revolve around you in Love and Unity.

This was a very intricate process for me in communicating my emotions into a medium outside audio and video. I hope everyone likes it!

I am excited for this new venture as I continue writing, singing, and performing for my fans!

-Jay Chan

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